Patterned Encaustic Cement Tiles

Hand Made Decorative Tiles inspired by Africa

Tiles with patterns are often used for decorative purposes. When wanting to create a distinct look, feature walls and floor areas are tiled with patterned tiles.
The question is, what is the differences between all the options on the market and why should I opt for a specific tile.

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What is an encaustic tile

Centuries ago, encaustic tiles were derived by firing tiles made from different colours of clay in ovens for them to become hard. Through the ages, this art evolved and by the turn of the century, cement became the preferred material from which these tiles have been manufactured. This is an artisanal manufacturing technique where a fluid mixture of sand, cement, colour oxides and water are carefully dispensed into special moulds by hand. This produced harder wearing tiles than the traditional clay or ceramic.

The Mazingira Team in front of the feature wall tiled with the African patterns

Modern short-cuts

Most patterned tiles these days, are simply printed ceramics. Even though it is a cost-effective way of producing decorative tiles, it is not the real thing. Secondly, the ink might fade and become dull very quickly where the original hand-made tiles have been manufactured with coloured primary materials.

Real encaustic cement tiles cost more

Authentic hand-made encaustic cement tiles are more expensive than the printed ceramic look-alikes. Mazingira Encaustic Cement tiles are manufactured in the traditional way, using natural materials namely cement, sand, oxides and water.

African pattern tiles

All imported encaustic cement tiles feature European patterns. As an African manufacturer, Mazingira tiles are committed to create African patterns. We also offer the discerning customer the opportunity to work with us, in order to create custom patterned decorative tiles for your project.      

Did You Know?

You can choose any colour and design on your tile

Mazingira Tile’s are proud members of the African Institute of the Interior Design Professions (IID). The IID strives to help their members to develop the necessary skills that will provide the best design solutions to their clients and educate and protect interior designers as well as the public.

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Mazingira Tiles is a sister company of SmartStone, a well-known manufacturer of concrete products like cobbles, flagstones and cladding. The intimate knowledge of concrete lead to the birth of Mazingira concrete and encaustic cement tiles.

When you buy something made by a person,
there is something special there, and you do feel it.
The consciousness with which a thing is made
is often more important than the thing itself.

J. Donald Walters

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