Lighter on the Environment with Authentic and Sustainable Products

At Mazingira we take every effort during production to leave as light an impression as possible on the environment. Our tiles are proudly South African and made at our production facility in Midrand, Gauteng. By choosing Mazingira, you are supporting local industry. We are grateful for your support and your interest in our products.

We take the following steps to minimise the impact on the environment:

  • We recycle our water
  • We use solar power
  • We use 100% environmentally friendly materials
  • We do not expend fuel or use energy draining kilns – thanks to our production method.
  • Our tiles are made by hand. The only machinery used/power consumed is a hydraulic pressing machine, each tile is pressed for a brief time- 2/3 seconds?
  • Our tiles are water and air-cured at room temperature

Once made, our tiles

  • Can be recycled.
  • Will last a lifetime, making them a great choice for sustainability.
  • Can be cleaned and maintained without the use of harsh chemicals.

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