Patterned Cement Tiles

Mazingira tiles was born out of the notion that patterned tiles generally have Moroccan or European styles or designs. Being an African company, Mazingira endeavours to manufacture tiles with African patterns. Our range however, is not limited to African designs. We have a range of 3D patterns for the more adventurous.

Mazingira Tiles are 200mm x 200mm x 12mm in size. Our tiles are suitable for interior, exterior, floor and walls applications. They are ideal for both residential and commercial projects. All the tiles are recommended for accent areas and for border areas we recommend using the Mazingira Terrazzo Tiles. 

African Patterns

Moja Tiles

The Triangle Pattern

African patterned tiles with squares and triangles

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Kumbese Tile

The Mesmerising Pattern

Colourful decorative cement tiles with African tile art

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Kikoy Tile

The Wave Pattern

Zig-zag concrete tile in yellow

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Entle Tile

The Line & Shield Pattern

African inspired cement tile with traditional African shapes and colours

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Nuru Tile

The Diamond Pattern

Blue and Yellow African decor tile with 90 degree angles.

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Eclectic Patterns

Geo Tile

The 3D Pattern

3D Geometric cement tile

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Imbali Tile

The Flower Pattern

Decorative cement tile with African patterns

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Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo Grey

Polished Concrete

Grey Terrazzo Tile with white stone

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Terrazzo Black

Polished Concrete

Black Terrazzo Tile with white stone

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Terrazzo White

Polished Concrete

White Terrazzo Tile with white stone

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Considerations before using concrete tiles:

The initial investment can be more costly than other floor applications/tiles – but they will last a lifetime and more.

Concrete is porous therefore the tiles need to be sealed to prevent staining (we supply free tile sealer and do the first coat of sealer in the factory)

Careful and considered installation needs to be done, preferably by a recommended installer that is familiar with working with these tiles.

Did You Know?

Concrete is a naturally porous product – which means it absorbs oil spills and splatters. To prevent this from happening, a sealer is applied to concrete surfaces to protect and enhance the product. At Mazingira Tiles, we provide a tried and tested sealer for FREE with your order. Our tiles also leave the factory with 1 coat of sealer already applied. Follow the simple sealing guidelines with your free sealer to create a beautiful surface that is both durable, and protected.

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