Kumbese Tiles

Colourful African Tile Pattern

R1195 per m² Including VAT

The use of vibrant colours, 90-degree angles and the African shield, create unique beauty to enhance spaces while embracing the richness and diversity of our African heritage.

The Kumbese accent tiles are ideal to use as a feature wall, kitchen backsplash, bathroom and many other. The Kumbese tiles can be used on both floors and walls. But the true magic of the Kumbese Tile lies in the bigger picture it creates. Step back and let the tapestry unfold before you. As if by magic, a new tile art emerges, captivating your senses and adding an unexpected element of intrigue to the overall design. These patchwork tiles are a captivating and versatile design element that has gained popularity in interior design and home decor. These tiles offer a creative and unique way to add personality, charm, and visual interest to various spaces.

Handcrafting African decor tiles involves a diligent process that demands time, dedication, and attention to detail. Each colour and pattern are filled with love and care, ensuring that every tile is a unique work of art. Mazingira handmade encaustic cement tiles often embody traditional techniques. The uniqueness and distinctiveness of these patterned tiles contribute to their higher value. The artistic value, cultural significance, and exclusivity of handmade tiles can justify the higher price tag for those seeking an authentic and one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

Choose to have these either in a mix of vibrant colours to add to the ethnic vibe, or tone it down with a muted single colour. The possibilities are endless and depend on the mood you are trying to create.

Product NameKumbese
Tiles per box13
Tiles per m225
  • All our tiles are handmade in Johannesburg – South Africa and are suitable for internal and external use. It’s ideal for floors, walls, patios, feature walls, kitchen, backsplash, bathrooms, fireplaces, staircases and many more.
  • More than 5 African tile designs to choose from.
  • Compatible with an underfloor heating system.
  • Stain resistant if correctly sealed (1 coat of sealer is applied in the factory. A 2nd coat is required once installed. Please see the sealing guideline.
  • Allow an extra 10% when ordering to accommodate for cutting and breakages.
  • Please do not clean the tiles with acids or bleach, as this will damage the surface of the tile. We recommend using dishwashing liquid and warm water.
African pattern tiles - Yellow


African pattern tiles - Grey


African pattern tiles - Teal


African pattern tiles - Brown


African pattern tiles - Black


Remember that you can mix and match the colours to create your own décor tile design.

Our exquisite tiles are meticulously crafted by hand, and while we strive to keep a small quantity in stock, there may be instances where we need to allocate a lead time if the desired quantity is not immediately available. The duration of the lead time is directly influenced by the size of your order. It is crucial to allow our tiles enough time to cure and attain optimal strength before they are ready to leave our factory. This dedication to the curing process is the very reason behind the necessity of a lead time.

By following these guidelines and taking the necessary steps to properly install and seal your tiles, you can ensure their longevity and maintain their beauty for years to come.

  • The installation process for our tiles follows the same method as other tiles, and we kindly request that you consult our tiling guidelines for detailed instructions on cutting, grouting, and sealing. It is important to share this installation guide with your chosen installer or consider utilizing one of our recommended professionals.
  • Each tile leaving our factory already features one coat of applied sealer, providing an initial layer of protection. Once your tiles have been properly laid, grouted, and allowed sufficient drying time, we advise following our reference guide for applying additional sealer after grouting. This step-by-step guide, which can be found in our installation manual, will assist you in correctly applying the necessary sealer. It’s important to note that the sealer is included with your order at no extra cost.
  • We want to highlight that cutting concrete tiles requires the use of an angle grinder equipped with a sharp diamond tip blade. This ensures precise and clean cuts to achieve the desired results.

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